Rentals Available

Heritage Acres is the perfect venue for your wedding. Our barns and buildings have a rich history and are beautifully designed. With 180 acres and 100 year-old buildings and artifacts you are sure to have a one-of-a-kind event, get perfect photos, and become a part of our museum’s history.

All proceeds go towards keeping pioneer and agricultural history alive.

We only rent out our facilities and buildings. We do not offer catering, photography, or decorating services at this time. We can recommend people who offer these services if you so desire or you are welcome to bring in your own services.

Loft of the Doukhobor Barn

Originally built near Cowley in 1915, this barn was moved to our location in 1990.

Price = $400.00/day

*tables and chairs are extra

Loft of the Zoeteman/Vogelaar Barn

The first section was built in 1938 and the second section was built in 1942. This barn was originally east of Pincher Creek, until it was moved to our location in 2012.

Price = $1,000.00/day

*tables and chairs are extra

Jumbo Valley Church

Originally built east of Granum in 1917. The pews, cross, and organ are all original. There are two services held here each year: a Christmas service and a Annual Show service.

Price = $150.00/day

Summerview Hall

This building is used for meetings, food preparation, teas, etc.


Price (with kitchen) = $350.00/day

2 Hour Meeting = $150.00

Museum Grounds

Heritage Acres is a working museum on a 180 acre site established in 1988.


Price ( < 100 people) = $200.00/day
Price ( < 200 people) = $400.00/day
Price ( > 200people) = $500.00/day

Tables and Chairs

8′ new composite tables


$15.00/table (seats 8 people)